Hair Braiding

How Do I Crochet and Braid My Hair

Braids are one of the most convenient styles to choose for any occasion or season. They prevent hair entanglement and lock-in moisture to your strands. Braids can last up to two months if properly maintained.

Hair braiding works for various hair types and is ideal in preventing hair damage, therefore lengthening your hair. The latter is the reason why we do not advocate or do too tight braids.
Here at Barbara Beauty Salon, we have specialized in hair braiding from simple plaiting to perfecting detailed patterns. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Jumbo box braid

  2. Triangle box braid

  3. Braided ponytail

  4. Dutch braid

  5. French braid

  6. Cornrow braids

  7. Fish-tail braids

  8. Feed-in braids

  9. Lemonade braids

  10. Goddess braids

  11. Box braids

Please make an appointment with us for hair braiding of your preferred style or redoing the braids around your scalp edge to keep them looking fresh.


hair extensions are a popular trend nowadays as they give you a natural look so much that they can be confused for your real hair. Other than single braids, cornrows, and sew-in weaves, hair extensions are an ideal hairstyle for promoting natural hair growth by preventing over manipulation. They are also useful in making thin hair voluminous.
They can be done by either adding hair extensions or adding ready-made braids into pre-braided cornrows. The latter takes up less time. After that, we style the braids or hair extensions as you would like. Depending on the type of crotchet braids, 3-7 packs would suffice.

Hair extensions come in various types like:

  1. Curly hair extensions

  2. Ombre hair extensions

  3. Deep twist

  4. Havana twist hair extensions

  5. Crochet micro braids

  6. Crochet jumbo box braids

  7. Jamaican bounce hair extensions

  8. Senegalese twist hair extensions

  9. Long hair extensions

  10. Short hair extensions

  11. Bohemian hair extensions

  12. Crochet box braids

We also wash crocheted hair for maintenance purposes.