Hair Coloring

Is Hair Coloring the Right Option for My Hair

Become creative and adventurous with your hair color at Barbara Beauty Salon. We offer various hair coloring techniques, including simple coloring, ombre coloring, and even multiple or rainbow coloring.

Hair coloring offers several benefits, including giving the impression that your hair is thicker than it is, giving you a glossy look, enhancing your haircut and facial features, and covering up the grey strands that come with age. Customized colors are also a great way to express your personality. You may be unaware of this, but hair coloring makes your hair stronger by coating your strands and making smoothening frizzy hair. Whatever reason you have for dyeing your hair, our colorists are skilled in lowlights, highlights, dimensions, foiling, and balayage single or double processes.

We also give consultation services in hair coloring, including which color best compliments your skin tone and hair color formula best for you.

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Barbara Beauty Salon offers the following services:


  1. Hairstyling services

  2. Blowout services

  3. Makeup services

  4. Hair extension services

  5. Updo hairstyles including triple braid, teased buns, low buns, slicked-up buns, twirled updo, wind-blown updo, low side chignon, braided updo, teased chignon with tendrils, among others.

  6. Kids' haircuts

  7. Women's haircuts

Experts offer these services who take pride in keeping our clientele satisfied, as shown by the 4.8-star rating. The salon is kid-friendly, accepts both cash and credit card payments, and has free Wi-Fi. It also has ample bike parking, is wheelchair accessible, and is women-owned.

This business has been around since 1987. The owner, Barbara R., has been a hairstylist for over 30 years. Services are provided with a keen eye for quality, and since the salon is a family business, it is taken with the seriousness of family cohesiveness.
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