Jheri Curls

Do I Get Jheri Curls or Texturize My Hair

Invented by stylist Jheri Redding, Jheri curls make you the envy of many by giving your hair a silky, bouncy, thick, and wavy look. The loose curls also make your hair feel extra soft and highly elastic.

With Jheri curls, there is so much versatility for you to enjoy. Style your hair in endless ways, and you could even spot accessories such as head wraps, scarves, headbands, and beanies. If your hair maintenance routine bores you, then these curls may be just right for you. You can go a couple of days without shampooing, giving them the 'wash and wear' quality. You only require to deep condition the curls at least once a week, especially if your hair is prone to dryness.

This style utilizes hair chemicals that could permanently damage your hair if overused or applied incorrectly. Barbara Beauty Salon recommends visiting its stylists who are well versed in making and maintaining the perfect Jheri curls without damaging your hair.


While relaxers straighten your hair, texturizer products de-frizzes and smoothen your hair. Applying texturizers makes naturally curly hair become looser by creating bouncy curls or waves. It also makes it easy to straighten your hair, although it doesn't produce ruler-straight results like a relaxer. Texturized hair is even more manageable during detangling or combing.

Texturizer products are best for short or medium length hair as they can produce easily noticeable varied textures in long hair. They may be less damaging to your hair compared to relaxers because they are less potent. Also, new growth doesn't show off as quickly as it does with relaxed hair.

It is not advisable to texturize your hair if you're looking to transition in the future to all-natural hair since the chemicals used permanently alter your hair.

Our professional stylists believe in applying texturizer only on the new growth to prevent different textures when it comes to touch-ups.