Silk Press

Are Silk Press and Texturizers the Right Option for My Hair Style?

Silk press is a contemporary development of the 90's press and curl, which was used to straighten African-American hair by applying heat and oil. It is a definite yes for your hair as it does not utilize any chemicals, therefore preventing hair damage due to harsh products. It works best for curly and coarse afro hair, making you shine with straight and sleek hair.

Maintenance depends on how coarse your hair is and the moisture you expose it to after the press. Even the slightest touch of water can make your hair go back to its previous form. It is best to wear a silicon wrap with a silk press when sleeping and always carry an umbrella with you during the rainy season.

Barbara Beauty Salon stylists employ great skill, products, and temperature to make the silk press give your hair that glossy full look.


A relaxer is a chemical treatment that straightens your hair and makes it less strenuous. It does this by chemically altering your hair Ph, thereby giving it a new texture. Relaxers leave your hair frizz-less for about 6-8 weeks, and after that, you will require touch-ups.

It is essential to have your hair touch-up done by a professional rather than buying the chemical at a beauty shop and applying it yourself. Our experienced stylists have experience in the type of hair relaxers suitable for different kinds of hair. There are lye and no-lye relaxers. After testing your hair's strength and texture, we determine which is the best for you to use at that particular time, and dyeing this goes a long way in preventing hair breakage and scalp dryness.

We also retouch your hair in a manner that replenishes all nutrients stripped from your hair by the relaxer.